LEED v4's new whole building LCA credit

Over the past decade, the LEED green building rating system transformed how buildings are designed. It is one of the key tools which ushered in the use of energy modelling as a design tool. With the advent of the new LEED v4 (which is required to be used by all new LEED projects from November 2016), the next stage in environmental harm reduction through design optimization will enter the mainstream - material life cycle assessment (or LCA). LEED v4 offers up to five points for buildings which minimize their impacts via LCA analysis. 

Although the concepts and research that go into LCA analysis is complex, new tools allow for the easy use of LCA by design teams. 360optimi is one such software tool that has seen extensive use in the Nordic region. Read more about LEED's new LCA credit, and how you can achieve it using 360optimi.