Finland is the #3 country with most LEED-certified area outside the U.S.; features prominently in USGBC's May 2014 'LEED Digest' newsletter

The USGBC's May 2014 'LEED Digest' newsletter provided statistics about LEED certifications in countries outside the U.S. The rankings published were according to total certified gross square meters (GSM). Two European countries were in the top ten: Germany at number six, and Finland at number ten! When corrected for population (unfortunately, not values that the USGBC provided, but shown below), Germany drops to seventh place and Finland ranks an incredible third place!

The same newsletter features a separate article by USGBC President, Rick Fedrizzi about Finland's role as a global leader in natural resource management and sustainability. It also noted the dedication of American Ambassador to Finland, Bruce Oreck, in helping to create the U.S. Embassy's new LEED Platinum Innovation Center.

Additionally, the newsletter features a selection of "Outstanding LEED projects around the world". The only European building featured is Espoo's Sello shopping center, the first European shopping mall to receive LEED Gold!